Monday, May 16, 2011

circle graphics - canvas wraps

So I ran across this printing company a while back on another blog.  The prices were much lower than most printers for canvas wraps so I decided to have some personal work printed.  The company is circle graphics custom printing. They cater as a whole-sale outlet to professional photographers hence the radical prices.

The product is top notch.  I ordered a couple of flower Macro's I shot a while back to hang on the living room wall.

Heres a snap I took of the flowers hanging on the newly painted wall.

The prints are 2 feet across (square format) and printing resolution was 150DPI, they claim that the printers print at 300 but that its not a noticable improvement because of the texture of the canvas.  The pictures are framed on MDF with nice corner braces and staples and come with a sawtooth hanger installed.  I like them, and more importantly the lady of the house approves...  So there you are.  If you need canvas wraps and are a professional photographer you can trust these guys to come through for you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Textures - Just getting started

So I seem to be on a theme of trendy things that I dont do very often (see my last post about lens flare).  One Photoshop effect I dont use a lot is textures. Its something fun to play with and every now and then if you have the right image to use it on.  Then I stumbled on some really nice resources to make playing around even easier.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lens Flare - a simple how to

You may have noticed a few of my images make use of lens flare, it's popular and although i'm not always drawn to whats trendy this is one thing that I like to do every now and then.  In the process I have found that it's not always as easy as getting the sun in your shot and taking the picture.  I did a little search for information and found that the web doesn't have a good explanation for how this is done. I'm breaking down my process so you can see for yourself.